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Nyah, nyah...

Today was released the MV of CLOVER's La Vida Loca, the new project  of Eun Ji Won(rape, rape, rape, rape that old geezer )...If u are not aware of who he is...Go and hide yourself somewhere....

I absolutely adore the song, the MV and the style. Even though Ji Won is kinda copying Oguri Shun, I still can't take my eyes of his manliness and bad..ass..do-not-know-how-to-continue-the-word XD


The beat something between Goran Bregovic and Desperado. Kill me's voice is so strong and different from all other screamig girls in k-pop. Ji Won is cocky and sexy and Typhoon...Yeah, damn it, that's what we were waiting for. Good old school singers makin great new school music XD 

Ji Won is one of my most favorite old idols and he is the only former idol who is a member of the Movement so this is 5 more points for him.


Before I go

 Before U Go is like a honey for my ears. I am in love with the song.

The MV too. Yes, it has its flaws but I still love it. 

Yet, I want to say something. 

We all know how the K-pop industry works, how the fangirls hate every female that is close to their idol and I am no different but this has to change.

K-pop is going international. After the Japan disaster k-pop music may become the new great power in Asia. The Hally wave is really scary. But if Korean companies want to present their artists to the world they need to change their domestic fandom first.

When u have a song like KYHD a dance MV is normal, it's perfect and necessary since we are talking about dance unit after all. Dance, action, fire, strange outfits...Okay, that's the color of the k-pop. 

When we have a song like Before U Go...No, u cant to that. 

Follow me SM. Sai it with me:


K-pop videos should start showing interaction with females. We have seen that it's not impossible (Rain's Love song, 2 am's MVs, 2pm's 10 out of 10 and Again and Again, even Wrong number ). If Korean companies want to gain foreign and western fans they need to put women in their MVs. Before U go would be much better if instead of fighting scenes there was a woman. The neat is so sexy and erotic...Ok, kill the woman but show some interaction, I want to know that I am fan of heterosexual men but now it looks like boyband member are much more interested in each other than in the opposite gender.

I know that female fans may oppose but this can be changed. No, this must be changed. I am sorry but sex make babies. It may hurt the hearts of some Korean teen girls but eventually they will find out it's true.

Let's start with hiring actors who will play the roles if it's so hard to use the singer but it cant go on like this.

I worship TVXQ, and love all of my k-pop bands but as much as I hate seeing them with other women than me I hate thinking that they may be gay. And we, Europeans and, I suppose, Americans cant stop thinking about the gay part when instead of a sexy woman we see only sexy men in furry clothes.

NB. I love Changmin in everything.

Happy Birthday, Yunho-ssi~<3

Jung Yunho is the TVXQ member who makes my heart happiest.
He has the leader aura...Not cause he looks strong or evil but because he gives warmth. My impression of him, even now, is for a MAN. He is handsome, tall, trustworthy, loyal and he never talks bad about anyone cause this is an insult for himself. I deepley respect him, I cant look at him wiht the eyes I look at Changmin because Yunho is too good. He is someone who deserves the best . Yet, he will never say this.

I wish him to be not just happy, I wish him to be HAPPY xD Srsly, I want him to find a pretty lady woth a good heart who will give him the love he needs. I wish his friends to stay by his side. I wish him to learn how to express himself. I wish him to never feel like a traitor. I wish him to know that there are people who support them cause he deserves it. I wish him to find a way to make up with JYJ and if not...To know that he is not the one responsible. I wish him...LOVE in all forms.

Happy Birthday, Yunho-ssi~<3


The prettiest picture ever. His charm is in his imperfectness. Gorgeous.

Feb. 4th, 2011

I kinda have this dream to go and study in Korea next year. I am calling it a dream cause I don't think it's gonna work like I want ><
Yet I have this dream and I really do hate when somebody is trying to make me stand on the ground.
I really, really, really hate it.

I know what I am, no need for someone else to tell me.

I like to dream about this.

I just want people to stop being so mean. Not only towards me but in general.

If I have to be honest...

Ooooooook...Although it may not seems so, I am not the emotional type of person. No, I am, but I prefer to do not show this side of me to the world. The reason? Cause I am damn smart. Yes, I am no boasting about myself, just my intelligence level is a little more that the average (the sloppy English has nothin to do with my brain, I just never really studied it(Ima genius huh))...People like me prefer to be seen as cold and cool not as crybabies who  feel really sad when their perfect manicure is ruined (manicure comes from Lathin, u know that?) but I love pretty thing, they make me happy and when somethin pretty is fucked up...I cry. Well, not everytime but still...

I am not writing this with the idea to speak about my greatness cause...It's somethin u should feel one day. This post is inspired by the idiocity of many of  the JYJ/HoMin fans who are destroying with incredible speed something that those five men were building for about 10 years (I count the predebut too, I know the date 26th Sep 2003). Srsly, it could be really funny if it wasn't so sad...(the grammar here sucks, right?).

If I want you to understand me i have to clear some things.

First, I am more HoMin than JYJ....Not because I do not like JYJ, ffs I simply adore them, but because....It's just like this. Changmin and Yunho both and separated are everything I want from a man(except  gaming addiction and man boobies) so even if I try to figth with my feeling they are still there.  

Second, loving someone does not automaticly mean that u hate or dislike even the slightest the other. It's like...I love green, that's my most favorite color and I want to have everything green.Does that mean that I hate any other color? Ok, that was lame but I just do not understand why if someone worships JYJ that one should bash on HoMin. After all till yesterday u were all saying TVXQ! forever...Hating JYJ/ HoMin just because u like the other more  do not make u greater fan. It makes u a brainless idiot.  So no matter how it may my words sound to you...I DO LOVE JYJ  SO FREACKIN' MUCH that I can forgive them all the stupidity in the world. May be even more than it is right.

Third...Thinking and feeling are the completely different things. I will explain what I mean. When u say "SM are so evil, they are abusing our poor boys", "JYJ are just following their dreams" "Lee Soo Man is the reincarnation of the devil" "HoMin, those dirty traitors""Yunho, why did u betrayed your wife" and etc...The your feeling are speaking. Which is not bad cause we all have feelings but in the world of grownups NO ONE cares about those feelings. Yet, when u say "JYJ realised that they do not recieve enough money for the work they do" or "May be JYJ want to do something different ""HoMin, it was smarter for you to move with them cause""YOU IDIOTS, WHY ARE U ACTING LIKE KIDS AND NOT THINKING ABOUT YOUR ACTIONS, YOU STUPID, STUPID MEN"...Then your brain is speaking, without the last one.
See, I have the full understandin of fans pain and feelings, I am the same, yet feeling without thinking can bring much more pain to the person u claim u love.

Fourth, words like "love", "friendship", "truth", "forever", "loyalty" etc. Learn their meanings and then use them. I am most frustrated cause everyone is throwing those words in my face trying to convince me in God knows what with them  AND NO ONE GETS THE MEANING OF THEM. AAAAAAAAARGH! Love is not hate. Friendship is not lying yourself. Loyalty is not simple. Truth is not the same for everybody.

Fifth....This is how I feel, how I see the things. I don't want you to agree with me.

Ok, Im sick of explaining...

I am tired of this all shit. AKTF...Easy to say, hard to achieve. Even the greatest faith keepers have problem with this and most of them gone JYJ or HoMin biased. So how can I keep this faith when I am not even on the same continent as them? And WHY ( 왜?) exactly should I do it? They are just a pop boy band...It was clear from the beginning that this day would come. Here the word "legend" comes. When something becomes legendary, there is a reason behind it. TVXQ! is a legendary group because they made even people like me, who do do not really care, to cry and beg fo them. Pathetic but true...U simply cannot hate them. It's like hating everything good in this world. Yes, u may not like them but you cannnot hate them CAUSE THEY ARE FREACKIN TALENTED. 

So I tried my very best to keep the faith, guys, but I guess I am still myself and some things are just not for me. I admit that I still hope and dream about the miracle to happen but I have a life to live. All the love I have for them cannot be described in words but I cannot close my eyes...So follow my words THERE-IS-NO-5-MEMBER-TVXQ-ANYMORE...U got that? It is sad, I know, but we can make it  something positive. 

Right now there are two groups which consist THE SAME  people that Cassipeia and BigEast worship. The same five people. It's not like they changed someone and tried to lie us. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu choose a different path from Yunho and Changmin. It may hurt your heart like a fan but didn't you all said that you love them? So where is the respect? The respect for their desisions? Love is not a whim. When u claim to love somebody, PLEASE try to realise what love is. I am not gonna underestimate fandom or say that it is not possible to love a star cause...Well, u will never meet that star (especially when I live so far away....like in the end of the world). I am not gonna say it cause when the heart speaks nothing can make it shut up. And we all have hearts (if u dont, u are a zombie....muhahaha...lame).

So what the hell is this  "I do not care about HoMin anymore cause they are traitors"...Wait a second...How, in the Lords name, they are the traitors? As far as I remember they did not leave TVXQ!. Am I wrong? Excuse me but HoMin and SM WAITED  for an answer for about an year but they recieved nothig from the other three. Did they form a new band? Did they held a live in Tokyo Dome, the place where the TVXQ dream came true, only two months after the official hiatus? Did they created an album with the name "The Beginning"? Did they leave not only SM like a company but their friends (HyukSu forever *sob*) and staff? Did they shouted " Leader Yunho, Changmin, Jeejoong,Junsu,Yoochun.. we're the ONE! ETERNALLY!!!!!! "(Kiss The Baby Sky live in Tokyo Dome)" and then, not even a month later, they said that they are slaves? No. JYJ did that.

HoMin were off stage for more than an year. I don't know if u understand but HoMin could not stand on stage too. When JYJ were doing concerts, lawsuits, recording albums...Where do you think HoMin were? I don't remember them singing and doing something new except for the magazines (and the MJ tribute but it was one in a life time oportunity)? They had do decide what to do with their lives and careers thanks to their best frends. They had to go trough the same emotional pain and separation with the only difference TEHY DID NOT WANT THIS! Yes, they did not go with JYJ but was it possible for them to say "No, don't go". Yes, i was. And probably it happened. But JYJ left.

I can only imagine how hard was for them to make this decision. They had to throw away their careers and say goodbye, may be forever, to many of their friends, yet they did it. So I respect this and as much as I suffered, I inderstand and support them. I do not judge them cause I am sure that they had their own reason and even if those reasons are money I still support them. Damn, I want to be rich as hell. They worked really hard and they deserve a proper payoff. Ok, no problem. 

My anger is cause so many people are acting like the only people who worked their asses of were JaeChunSu(u know, I hate the name JYJ, I really hate it) but no HoMin. It's like the duo does not belong to TVXQ and they have stolen it from the trio...How did this happened? Please, someone, EXPALIN IT TO ME. Why JYJ have the right to call themselves TVXQ members but HoMin don't? 왜?왜?왜?왜?왜?왜?왜?왜?왜? Why did your love turned into hatred? Why did you say that you love them but when they need your support you are spitting on them? HoMin's career was destroyed and the damage they took is even greater than JYJ's. And the fault belongs to the so called fans. Because it is easy to look with tearry eyes at JaeChunSu since they cannot perform at any broadcasting stations. But it's so hard to be at least respecful towards HoMin who are trying their very best to move on since everything they worked for turned into ashes for a night and they could do nothing. 

Sometimes things are not just black and white. I am sorry JYJ fans but I cannot accept HoMin's guilt. Cause after everything, the only interview they had about the scandal showed their feeling better than tones of words.I may be too sensitive but I saw this: Yunho, who was almost killed in the name of TVXQ, could not bring himself to say anything not cause of some restrictions but cause he himself does not know how to proceed. And Changmin, trying his very best to be cool and cold, gave the impression that he does not care about them anymore, but he could not hide that he was hurt. I saw that both of them were deeply hurt by this situation. Is it so hard to imagine this? Is it so hard to put yourself in their shoes just for a moment? That will not offend JYJ.

I know HoMin has tehir faults too. I think they could go with JYJ or they could use other name than TVXQ, I know that they could be a little more talkative and everything but right now their own fans or ex-fans are destroying them...If u want your legend to turn into two ruined lives...Good job. Cause they are pop singers in Korea. Their life and their job are the same thing. And when they see a sea of hate instead the red sea after all the pain...Yes, good job, people. Be JYJ fans, no problem, but do not forget that JYJ would not exist without HoMin and the oposite.

I have so many other things to say but it won't be today...If u read this, please, repost it and show it to other people. No for me. 

P.S. I still cry when I watch the Tokyo Dome concert....But now it reminds me a castle of sand...It was crushed by a single wave. Sad, huh.

Keep in mind that I love you ^^

Happy Birthtday to our sweet idiot Jaejoong. 

I do not care how the Koreans count it, he is 25 now...In my country it isnt 26th of January but his real birth date is 4th of Feb so who cares.

I just want to say...Happy Birthday and I wish you a hell of a happy life. I am really mad at you but my emotions do not change my feelings. Be happy. Be strong. Find a woman and forget the word loneliness. Keep in mind that I love you...Love is not always happy but it's always love.

Smile and say kimchiiiii^^

P.S. The cupcakes are made by some fans...They are so cute that I could not miss them.

P.S.2 I can make even better cupcakes for Minnie *kay, that was cruel*.

P.S.3 I love green....I want a cupcaaaaaake TT_TT


 After announcing their comeback as TVXQ!, HoMin started to prepare their stage.

First: the teaser picturesand changing the BG of their official site.

I know it resembles 2pm a lot but unlike them, my boys make this ridicilous make-up to look nice. I mean, on 2pm looked like the artist started to do the  make-up but had no skills or idea what to do and stopped in the middle. On teh other hand HoMin are like bad boys who made the make-up guy or girl angry with their behavior. It's cool, sexy and cliche. Do not care.

And we have a teaser for song woth the name "Torn":

I like it in a way that words cannot describe. It is what was missing in JYJ's album. Power. Man power. Unfortunately I think that good ballad will be the thing that will not be present in their album. They HoMin and JaeChunSu are now the two faces of one coin. For my bad luck that mean they probably wont ever meet again.

I will review it after the video comes out.


I know someone who was a member of staff on the set of 'Heading to the Ground' and from him I came to know Yunho's side of the story (it's been a while now…) or I guess I got to know him a little better...
Since I'm a Yunho cosplayer, I didn't really want to ask too many questions (not sure what she meant here). Also, this man wasn't a fan of Yunho and Changmin so he didn't really know the details.

1. Yunho was very tight-lipped
His schedule was very hectic because of the drama and so he didn't know or say much about the members' lawsuit.
This man heard about it elsewhere and casually asked Yunho what was going on and if he was okay.
Yunho smiled and replied 'things will get better'… he didn't say much after that.
The man realized he didnt' want to talk about it so he stopped asking.
From beginning to end, Yunho never uttered a word about the lawsuit (and even though people were curious, no one dared to ask)

2. He was in pain
He (the man) didn't know what it was but it was obvious to everyone else that Yunho was sick, both physically and mentally
He was stressed from filming the drama and he was in pain
Everybody could see it but he refused to admit or even say a word about it
He'd go into his van alone so that people wouldn't see him suffering but the whole world knew
As soon as the director signaled everybody to get into position, he'd step out of the van with a smile plastered on his face like everything was okay
He was always so afraid that other people would worry about him

3. Changmin's silence
Changmin went to visit once or twice but he was always extremely quiet
One time a friend came by and asked 'who's he?' when he saw a boy sitting alone on set
It wasn't until other people said 'TVXQ's Max Changmin' that she finally recognized him
He was so much more beautiful than one would imagine but his appearance was nowhere near as startling as his behaviour… he didn't act like a celebrity at all
He was quiet and distant
He'd arrive, watch and leave soundlessly every time
It made people wonder how he could possibly be a celebrity with an attitude like that...

4. Yunho's sincere gratitude
Yunho's fans offered comfort and relief to everybody
They were willing to act as the audience whenever they were needed (during scenes when they had football matches) and they'd bring food for the crew
They were Yunho's source of energy and motivation
So often the members of staff would say 'Thank God for your fans'
The pride and gratitude in his voice was always obvious whenever his fans became the topic of discussion

5. Yunho won everybody over
Yunho worked extremely hard on the drama and everybody was impressed by his personality
Those who worked with him invited him for future projects together and they really weren't just saying it - they really did like him
When he held the MJ concert, the director of 'Heading to the Ground' went and watched

6. Yunho's weakness...
Our leader-sshi has a fear of bottled drinks...
Most of you will remember the poisoning incident…
Yunho tries to stay away from opened bottles or drinks poured into cups unless he unscrewed the bottle/poured the drink himself
He may look strong but sometimes that's really not the case...

Well that's basically everything I heard. This person didn't go into much detail and it's really not anything that we don't already know…
I've already said before that I'm just a cosplayer and I don't really know this person very well
I really just wanted to share what I heard about Yunho

Credits: TVXQBaidu + istarclub + DC
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Oppa. We are terrible human beings. We are acting like we know something because we want to believe that we know. But we don't and we will never do. We were saying "Poor Yunho oppa", "Our Leader-ssi is so god" and so on but after reading something like this we should realize that we are just bunch of idiots who have nothing to offer yet acting almighty...Sympathy? No. No sympathy from me. 
Be happy and do not care about us. Do not care about anybody except the people you love.



Dunno why but I am in the mood for making charts so let see...I am young, single, obsessed with Asian guys...Yes, it is gonna be about the hottest Asians I have ever seen.

First, this is my chart and my criteria.
Second, I cant make one with Japanese and Koreans.
Third...Why they are so far away?
Fourth...I will call Xiah Junsu hot when the world comes to an end. My angel baby is not hot. He is pure.


20. LEE SEUNG KI/  이승기


The Korean Prince. I know that he is more cute and charming but when I see him I feel like he is a man u can count on. He has this aura of a funny but responsible and hardworking person. And the fact he is good at everything he does makes me look at him with other eyes. He has a great smile and great voice. And he is only 23.

19. KIM HEECHUL/ 김희철

The original K-pop diva. No Key, no Jo Kwon, no Kwanghee but Super Junior's Kim Heechul. With his androgynous appearance and crazy wit he can make everybody to fall in love. He may not look very masculine but he has shown that his personality is of a real man. No shame, no fear, no lies. His arrogance and lack of singing and dancing talent are unique. Yet, singing his part in BONAMANA can drive me crazy. The one and only, my most precious SuJu idiot...Kim Heechul.

18. SONG JOONG KI /  송중기

He gained a lot of attention with his role in SungKyunKwan Scandal although he was a permanent cast for Running man and Music Bank MC. However, the role of the witty and kinda perverted Gu Yong Ha made him really popular. I believe that was the perfect role for him. He can mix the innocent look with a dirty flame in his eyes that can drive a woman crazy. Plus his gorgeous smile and kissing skills...I really do like him.

17. JANG GEUN SUK/ 장근석

So young and so talented. Another androgynous creature. There is something in Geun Suk that attracts me a lot. He is not the most handsome or masculine, he has bad skin and suspicious fashion sense...Yet I feel very happy every time when I see him, I find his smile for a gift from the Gods and trust me, I will not let him get away if I once see him.

16. T.O.P or  CHOI SEUNG HYUN /최승현

Another '87's child.One of my greatest obsessions in the world. He is handsome, furious, talented and most important...HE HAS A STYLE. Clothes, accessories, shoes, women, food, drinks, cars, music...He has it all. Great rapper, great actor and a shy person.He is a walking icon. With his mad eyes and innocent soul he is the very best choice for everything. Low voice and seductive gaze. Tempo, come to me NOW.


Who sad beauty? This man is not handsome or beautiful. He IS  the beauty. For me he is only Number 15 in hotness because I find him too pretty. He is like a doll, I have never seen more beautiful person than him and I am not talking about liking him but about objective facts. He is gorgeous. His mix between ice cold and angel like appearance is something I have never seen before. No matter if he is smiling or not, singing or just staring...He is beautiful and many people say "hot"...No exactly my type hotness but he is part of my love.

14.NICHKUN BUCK HORVEJKUL / นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล 

I know he is not exactly Korean but just like my Korean soul mates I cannot pass by this Thai prince's charm. He is created to be loved. The face is almost perfect. He should do something about his eyebrows. His body line is perfect and int the past few months he gained little weight so now he has great looking abs and arm muscles. But the I love the most in him are his wonderful, long, beautiful legs. He is hot and Korea knows this.

13.LEE JUNHO / 이준호

My most favorite 2 pm member. They call him "young Rain" but for me he is better. Maybe little short but very athletic, charming, with a good sense of humor and great dancing and singing ability. Dunno why he is underrated but in my heart he is number one. And if he starts getting undressed more often...Wow.

13.BI/RAIN/ 비 or JUNG JI HOON/정지훈

Not a fan. Not an anti too. Just...I respect him. And I know he is sexy and hot. Just not for me. He is further than his little copy cause it was so hard for me to find good pictures of Bi with clothes. This guys rips his shirt more often than Taecyeon and the all k-pop army in one. I must admit he is hardworking. May be his mania to be prefect in everything makes me so soft hearted and not hating him. Yet his smile is the dumbest in the world. This smile can kill all the sexy feeling and turn it to laugh.

11.CHOI MINHO/ 최민호 

My ultimate SHINee love. Gosh, one of my greatest loves in this life. The reason for him being so low in the chart is hi young age. He started acting and looking like a real man just a few months ago. However I love him. He is tall, handsome and smart young hottie with strong gaze and ultra cute personality. It's really sexy when a man gives everything for the win. And my heart is breaking when I see him in pain cause of failures. After two years he will be in my top 5.

10. KIM JAE WOOK/ 김재욱


Hell, yeah. One of the most perverted looking Asians I have ever seen. Love him. He is so cold and sexy, and dirty. Like a men whore. There is something so vulgar and so aristocratic. 2010 was a great year for him and for me cause I was able to see him so much on the screen. Gos, this screen...Since Coffee Prince I am in in love but now...MARY, CHOOSE HIM!

9.HYUN BIN / 현빈  or KIM TAE PYUNG / 김태평

The light of my days. I am ready to give almost everything to be able to touch him dimples. He is not only extremely charming but he is such a great actor. U can see him like a innocent brat with broken hard and just a moment after he is the greatest bad ass in your life. I do not want him to go in the army. Binnie, my love, stay here and show us how great you are.

8.NO MIN WOO /  노민우

It looks like I still have my crush on rock stars. No really sure why I like him so much. May be cause he resembles Miyavi sometimes or because I love men who are not afraid to put make up on and to look so damn sexy...Whatever. He is HOT and he knows it XD When I see him in my head there are no thoughts of deep conversations. Only dirty things. He was great in TRAX and I still do not get it... 



There is something just too perfect in him. Not for myself but general. There is something that is not right. The face, the body, the skills.He is great but there is something I do not like about him and cannot find it. Still, he is so hot that he can melt every heart.

6. MICKY  YOOCHUN / 믹키유천  or PARK YOOCHUN / 박유천

Another one of my precious babies. He is rather skinny and not exactly the gym-going type but he is hot. He is hot with his so kissable lips, big eyes, seductive smile, husky voice,long torso, wide forehead and dark personality. There is something mysterious and alluring in him. He is not the talkative type but u know that when he is in the mood his dorky side can make ur day. A rare individual.

5.SE7EN or CHOI DONG WOOK /    최동욱


The original, baby. His seventh this time. Those lips are created for sin. Sexy but tender, humble but confident. One of the greatest Korean RnB performers and dancers ever. I do not have enough words to explain it. He is not just hot, he radiates hotness with his whole creature. Unfortunately Park Han Byul took him away many years ago.

4. CHOI SIWON / 최시원 


I will alway wonder if his existence is legal. Damn it, he has no right to be so hot, so perfect, so...Choi Siwon is a proof that when nature wants to make something perfect - nature puts all the needed efforts. Seriously, he is tall and handsome, he can dance, sing, act...He looks a way too good without a shirt, has dimples and funny eyebrows. What is his weak point? Even his weird gestures are so sexy.

3.SO JI SUP / 소지섭 


The only one here I can call e real man. Not handsome but charismatic. Unbelievably good actor with strange personality. The who is created to wear white sleeveless shirts. The man who can make your heart break or skip a beat with just a gaze, a man who will protect you and give u the feeling of a man. So Ji Sup...He is only one.

2.U-KNOW  YUNHO/ 유노윤호 or JUNG YUNHO/ 정윤호

The man I want to be my oppa. I will not write about him, u have to feel his power by watching or listening to him. He has to be the weakest in his group but his vocal ability is far beyond 90% of k-pop singers. Just love him.
최강창민 or SHIM CHANGMIN/심창민



THIS.IS.IT. This is the hottest, the most handsome, the one with the most talent, the smartest... This is my ideal man. This is the man who can drive me crazy just with his existence. Yet he sings and reaching the high tones is taming my soul. I am his slave. I am a fan of all of them but only he can make me forget my own name. I find him not just hot, I find him perfect. Not like Siwon or Hyunjoong. I find him perfect for my own creepy standarts. He is tall, has a unique high voice, he is evil and sometimes not very tolerant, he is introverted and egoistic, yet full with love and need to be loved. He looks cold and rude but in reality when he opens himself he is a polite, funny and adorable kid. I love him, no matter of everything and everybody...HE IS MY NUMBER ONE.


 My tummy hurts a lot right now so i will not write a lot.

Three of my babies have twitter accounts now.



I know that commenting has no point and they will never even look at random fans like us but it's true that this make us feel them closer.

Wish them the best XD

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